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Fireplace and Stove Parts

When purchasing a new stove or fireplace, parts are probably the last thing on your mind. We know that and have taken all the guesswork out of choosing the best manufacturers in the marketplace. Stovepipe stands behind all of the fireplace and stove products it sells 100%. We only work with proven products, those that have stood the test of time and durability. That means when it comes time to replace a part, you can be assured that Stovepipe will have what you need. No need to worry about discontinued models and company closeouts. We understand that a working stove can mean the difference between being warm and cold on a winter's day, and we are dedicated to providing our customers with an outstanding parts service to make sure your family stays comfortable, regardless of the weather.


Just like any long-term investment such as your car or home, you need to provide regular maintenance to ensure both efficiency and safety for your fireplace or stove. Depending on the fuel source, deposits can build up restricting air flow and potentially posing a fire hazard. Over 35 years in the stove and fireplace business means that Stovepipe can provide the best service and maintenance available. Trained technicians will come to your home, perform a full inspection of the system, provide regular maintenance, and can even replace worn or damaged parts as necessary.

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"In my opinion Stovepipe is the only place to go. They back their products 100%. The owner, Bill LaBell, is a man of honor, professionalism and integrity who stands behind the products he sells. I have the utmost respect for Stovepipe and their first class owner Bill LaBell."

-Leo & Deborah